Premkranti L. Hollier


PremKranti brings respect, understanding and compassion to her clients, establishing a safe and trusting therapeutic alliance. This collaborative approach helps clients develop strategies to address life challenges and overcome personal issues in a professional and ethical manner.

PremKranti apples a number of modalities to empower her clients, including:

– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to build clarity and gain insight into clients’ patterns of thinking and emotional responses, leading to positive behaviour change.

– Mindfulness, trauma informed relaxation, breathing and movement practices to raise self awareness, regulate the nervous system and reduce anxiety.

– Creative arts therapies allow for playful and profound ways to explore deeply held patterns and blocks that are beyond the reach of standard cognitive treatments.

Premkranti’s experience in spiritual care and working with trauma, alongside decades of work in education, yoga and meditation, give her a depth of understanding that ensures clients’ unique needs are heard and met.

How Sessions Unfold

Once your therapeutic goals are defined in our first session, a combination of the above models and frameworks are integrated in to each session. 

Treatments can be short term (3 sessions) and solution focused or involve sessions over a medium (6-8 week) or longer term period of time, depending on your needs. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Face to face sessions can be interspersed with Tele health sessions via zoom or phone. 

For some clients, the ten sessions currently covered by Medicare are not always sufficient to deal with the long term impacts of developmental and childhood trauma. The holistic and embodied approach of my work can begin to address these impacts and offer practical techniques for recovery and change.


Fees are currently $122 for a 50 minute consult (including gst) and I offer lower fees for unemployed and pensioners ($95). I am unable to offer a Medicare rebate however some NDIS packages will cover counselling services and some private health insurance policies offer rebates for counselling. 


Graduate Diploma in Counselling with Australian College of Applied Psychology, I was supervised by Clinical Psychologist Lisa Whiting during 200+ hours of placement at the Red Door Health Clinic and SERH mental health unit, as a trauma informed movement/meditation instructor.

2 units of Pastoral Clinical Education, including a three month internship as a Spiritual Carer at Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital in Melbourne (2019) and 100+ hours as a pastoral care volunteer at SERH.

Trauma informed movement and meditation training, currently offering sessions for staff and clients of South East Women’s and Children’s Services in Bega and consumers at the SERH mental health unit.