Premkranti L. Hollier


PremKranti brings respect, understanding and compassion to her clients, establishing a safe and trusting therapeutic alliance. This collaborative approach helps clients develop strategies to address life challenges and overcome personal issues in a professional and ethical manner.

PremKranti apples a number of modalities to empower her clients, including:

– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to build clarity and gain insight into clients’ patterns of thinking and emotional responses, leading to positive behaviour change.

– Mindfulness, trauma informed relaxation, breathing and movement practices to raise self awareness, regulate the nervous system and reduce anxiety.

– Creative arts therapies allow for playful and profound ways to explore deeply held patterns and blocks that are beyond the reach of standard cognitive treatments.

Premkranti’s experience in spiritual care and working with trauma, alongside decades of work in education, yoga and meditation, give her a depth of understanding that ensures clients’ unique needs are heard and met.



Diploma in Satyananda Yoga and meditation, with specialist training & experince in trauma informed practice

3 month Internship in Spiritual Care at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne.

Enrolled in Graduate Diploma (post graduate) of Counselling with Australian College of Applied Psychology, clinical placement hours completed in 2021 and supervised by Lisa Whiting, clinical psychologist.