Jani Klotz


Doctorate of Philosophy
Bachelor of Arts

Dr Jani Klotz is a fully qualified and registered holistic psychotherapist and counsellor. She follows the needs and requirements of her clients, whilst at the same time drawing out connections between the mind, heart, body and soul. This includes helping people to deal with grief, trauma, anxiety, relationship issues, illness, stress or addiction, and seek meaningful life direction in a time of change and uncertainty.

Jani specialises in working with people with disabilities, in particular people who are on the autistic spectrum or who have developmental delays. She is a specialist in the area of intellectual disabilities, has presented as a keynote speaker and presenter at numerous conferences and written a number of published articles.

Jani’s approach is confidential and respectful. She supports clients to gain affirming, positive and meaningful results from their sessions.

For further details refer to Jani’s website at janiklotz.com