Integrated allied health

We help with existing health problems as well as promoting and maintaining good health in an attentive and gentle manner

Natural medicines

We use predominantly plant and mineral products as well as a small amount of ethically-sourced animal products

Holistic methods

A safe approach to treatment of injury and pain with a focus on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Red Door Health Clinic is open and operational throughout the NSW COVID-19 lockdown. 

About Red Door Health Clinic

The Red Door Health Clinic is an integrated allied health and complimentary medicine practice for the wellbeing of people at all stages of life. Practitioners experienced in acupuncture, chinese medicine, osteopathy, psychology, psychotherapy and massage therapy offer a safe and natural approach to treatment of chronic pain and acute and chronic illness with a focus on physical, mental and emotional well being.  We use natural medicines and complimentary therapies to facilitate the body’s own healing mechanisms with an aim to restore balance and harmony. We aim to treat as well as educate patients regarding lifestyle, diet and exercise, promoting prevention as he key to good health



Acupuncture uses fine needles inserted into the skin to promote healing and wellbeing. The needles stimulate the body, inducing a state of relaxation. 

Chinese Medicine

The goal of TCM is to promote healing and good health in the human body. It utilises natural medicines sourced from plants, animals and minerals.


Osteopathy is a ‘whole body’ form of manual medicine that aims to treat and provide long term pain relief from acute and chronic injuries.


Psychologists provide assessment and treatment of a wide variety of mental disorders and emotional issues, facilitating insight and positive change in an individuals’ life. 


Psychotherapists draw out connections between the mind, heart, body and soul; helping people to deal with various mental and emotional issues.

Massage Therapy

There are various typres of massage therapy including remdial massage, shiatsu massage, biodynamic cranial touch/stillness touch, light shift and ayurvedic massage.

Find Us

The Red Door Health Clinic is located at 57 Parker Street, Bega NSW.