Marie-Claude Ravenel

Massage Therapist

Diploma Remedial Massage HLT50302 Dec 2005
Mentor Course BCT/Stillness Touch 2019/2020
Ayurvedic Massage with Usha Veda in Switzerland


Marie-Claude studied aromatherapy and ayurvedic massage in her native Switzerland and obtains in 2005, soon after arriving in Australia, a diploma of remedial massage at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney. Since 2015, she’s been studying Biodynamic Cranial Touch, also known as Stillness Touch. 

Since then, Marie-Claude practiced in Sydney for a year and since 2006, in Bega and Cobargo.

Marie-Claude is fully accredited and the technique of massage is adapted to the patient’s need.

The techniques that Marie-Claude utilises are:

Remedial massage: 
Deep tissue
Myo fascial release
Trigger point
Lymphatic drainage

Biodynamic Cranial Touch/Stillness Touch:
Biodynamic Cranial Touch/Stillness Touch is an advanced Biodynamic practice with competitive prices, of non-doing or “non-efferent” touch, which resonates with the natural wisdom and healing forces of the body to balance and harmonize the entire human being – from the history held in the tissues to the evolving spirit.

Light shift:
Light shift is an indigenous massage to move the blockages and break the pattern/toxins out of the body. Light shift massage requires a 2-hour booking and is unable to be booked online. To book, please contact us by phone or drop into reception during business hours.

Ayurvedic massage:
With essential oils
Abhyanga, full body massage
Kansu, feet massage with a metal bowl

Health rebates apply for Remedial massage and Marie-Claude is accredited for Work Cover cases.